Submission Guidelines for Masters Theses


  • Please submit your work directly to the Graduate Studies Department.
  • Authors may choose to allow unrestricted open access to their work, or limit access to the campus community only.
  • Any quoted text, images, music, charts, etc., in the thesis should either be used under Fair Use guidelines, or by permission from the copyright holder(s) of the quoted material.
  • Any text-based file format will be accepted (i.e. Word) and then automatically converted to pdf for publication in the Repository. If the primary format of the thesis is *not* text, i.e. video, audio, images, etc., please contact me first for assistance. (See contact information below)
  • Theses that are deposited online do not need to be submitted in hard copy to the College Archives.
  • Once the work has been uploaded, it will be a permanent part of the Repository, and identified with a unique url for future reference.

Repository Administrator Contact: Amy Harrell, 860-297-2193, LITC A40