Submission Guidelines for Senior Theses and Projects


Uploading your thesis or senior project to the Digital Repository will preserve your work at Trinity College and allow you to access it from anywhere.

  • Adviser approval: Authors must obtain approval from their adviser or supervising faculty member before submitting their work to the Repository. Approval means that a consultation has taken place between the student and adviser, and the adviser agrees that the work is appropriate for upload to the Repository. There are no forms associated with this approval, and the faculty member does not need to contact the Repository Administrator.
  • Limiting access: Seniors may choose to allow unrestricted web access to their work, or limit access to the campus community only, by specifying "thesis" or "campus-only thesis" on the line labelled "Degree Type".
  • The Repository can also accept any supplemental files, in the form of media, translations, etc. Powerpoint files will be converted to .pdf by the Repository. At the bottom of the submission form, there is a checkmark box, which when selected allows you to upload additional files on the next page.
  • Archival preservationTheses that are deposited online do not need to be submitted in hard copy to the College Archives. Once the work has been uploaded, it will be a permanent part of the Repository, and identified with a unique url for future reference.


  • Any quoted text, images, music, charts, etc., in the thesis should either be used under Fair Use guidelines, or by permission from the copyright holder(s) of the quoted material.
  • For text materials: It is best to upload a pdf version of your document to preserve formatting, however, any text-based file format will be accepted (i.e. Word) and then automatically converted to pdf for publication in the Repository.
  • Images and posters: If you have a single image you want to submit, you can use the "full-text" upload button. you can also arrange your image(s) in a document and upload that.
  • Video: You can either use the full-text upload to submit the video file directly to the Repository, or, you can link to it on a streaming service such as Vimeo or Youtube. Use the Streaming Media section of the form to enter the link to your video.


  1. To start the submission process, click "Submit Research" on the left, and create an account with the Repository software. (This will be different than your regular Trinity login)
  2. Read through the submission agreement, and checkmark the box to agree with the terms.
  3. Finally, fill in the fields on the submission form, including selection of open access or campus-restricted, and upload the thesis document.
  4. Once the thesis submission has been processed by the Repository Administrator, it will be visible on the Repository site.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or problems. You are free to make an appointment with me to walk through the submission process if you prefer.

Repository Administrator Contact: Amy Harrell, LITC 166