Date of Award

Spring 2019

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


LACS: French

First Advisor

Karen Humphreys


A society cannot change without inspired individuals who want to fight for it and who can strategize ways to reach their goals, and activism is the most engaging source for young people. Protests reach the news often, but there are other types of activism that work behind the scenes to ensure that everything remains organized. For example, there are meetings in which the activist groups discuss the steps that they plan to take in order for their target audience to understand what they are dissatisfied about. Activism can also take more artistic forms, such as film and literature, which can discuss societal issues that inspire viewers and readers to take action. In my thesis, I analyze the success of French activism because the French are well-known for their protests and other frequent and powerful types of activism. I defend the effectiveness of Nuit Debout and the Gilets Jaunes and compare them to American protests such as Occupy Wall Street to determine what lessons the French can provide for other societies to be more successful with their own movements. To portray that activism includes more than public demonstrations, I analyze BPM by Robin Campillo and Quatrième Génération by Wendy Delorme. In BPM, I observe the protests and meetings of ACT UP! to defend the film’s message of the importance of remaining actively involved in the community, and in Quatrième Génération I explore the raw life stories of the fictional characters who combat gender and sexuality challenges in their communities. The goal of this analysis is to provide a convincing argument that French culture has a unique dynamic that inspires activists to effectively enact change in their society, as their culture may lead as a positive example for other communities.

Les stratégies de l’activisme et les manifestations françaises ; Une étude de Quatrième Génération par Wendy Delorme et BPM par Robin Campillo


Senior thesis completed at Trinity College, Hartford, CT for the degree of Bachelor of Science in French.