Date of Award

Spring 2019

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Art History

First Advisor

Kristin Triff


As a seminal artistic figure of the early Renaissance period, Michelangelo produced works of art that defined the canon of art. Through his early sculpted and painted works, the ambitions Michelangelo had for himself as an artist were evident. Not only were the works he created masterful for such a young age, but they also pushed the boundaries of existing artistic and stylistic techniques. Michelangelo used his sensibility towards the creation of sculpture, specifically the Julius II Tomb, to create figures and architectural elements in the Sistine Chapel Ceiling that reflected his vision of marble. He applied his approach in sculpture to figural and architectural painting and used it for many later projects in sculpture, painting, and drawing. This conceptual program shaped Michelangelo’s career and resulted in many similarities between his projects, which often directly inspired one another.


Senior thesis completed at Trinity College, Hartford, CT for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Art History.