Date of Award

Spring 2016

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


LACS: Italian Studies

First Advisor

Dario Del Puppo


Spanish Milan, Rome, and Sardinia during 1492-1700.

Nationalism has become a main focus for many countries in the last century. Countries have attempted to build up a national identity often forgetting to include the influences other countries may have had on them. Italy and Spain are often studied separately since they are two different countries now, but these countries have a long history in common. These two countries have interacted dating back to when the Roman Empire expanded and conquered Hispania. After the decline of the Roman Empire, the Spanish Empire became a leading power and would take control of much of Italy. For this project I rehearse the tactics the Roman Empire used and then compare and contrast them with Spanish domination of Milan, Rome and Sardinia between 1492-1700, underscoring the rich and extensive cultural exchange that occurred between these two countries.


Senior thesis completed at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies.