Welcome! As we celebrate Trinity's Bicentennial, we are seeking unique and one-of-a-kind Trinity materials that can add to our understanding of the college's legacy. If you have photos, videos, audio, or unpublished documents we would love to collect them here.

Please note:

  1. We already have the complete run of Trinity yearbooks, Tripods, and most on-campus publications. See this section of the Repository for a listing of holdings.
  2. Submitted items may or may not be preserved long term by the Trinity College Archives.
  3. If you are interested in donating a physical item, please first contact the Trinity College Archivist at the Watkinson Library: Eric Stoykovich, eric.stoykovch@trincoll.edu; 860-297-2267
  4. For any item you submit to this collection, you must be the Copyright owner, or have permission from the Copyright owner to upload it here.


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