Trinity College has published annual serial publications since its foundation in 1823. Originally, these included the Trinity Calendar and Catalogue of Officers and Students, which was expanded to the Trinity Bulletin in 1900. The Bulletins contain annual reports from the Librarian, Dean, Treasurer, and President, student necrologies, catalogues, and more.
Serial publications include Trinity's yearbook, the Ivy, as well as the student newspaper, the Tripod, the Trinity Reporter, Trinity's alumni magazine, and various literary magazines and journals published by the College.


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115 Vernon (2003 - present)

Non-Serials (Ephemera)

Slate Literary Magazine (2012-13)

The First-Year Papers (2010 - present)

The Ivy, Trinity’s Yearbook (1873 - present)

The Trinity Papers (2011 - present)

Trinity College Bulletins and Catalogues (1824 - present)

Trinity College Handbook (1916 - 1994, selections)

Trinity Reporter and Alumni Magazines (1939 - present)

Trinity Review (1939 - 1980)

Trinity Tablet (1868-1908)

Trinity Tatler (1954 - 1959)

Trinity Tripod (1904 - present)