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A selection of typed excerpts from the Trinity College Trustee Minutes Vol 1 (1823-1887) to Vol 2 (1888-1908) on the various scholarships, endowments, funds, and trusts:

Maria L. Ripley Scholarship, Jacock's Fund, Henry and Walter Keney Fund, Samuel Hart Library Fund, Tuttle Will, Nathan S. Warren, J.P. Morgan Professorship of Natural History, Mary J. Keney Fund, Lemuel J. Curtis Scholarship, Frank W. Whitlock Prize Fund, Pardee and Clark Scholarships, F. A. Brown Prize, Henry E. Russell Fellowship, Charles Scott Legacy, Henrietta Perry Fund, Ferguson Prize in the Department of History and Political Science, Buckingham Fund, Legacy of Chester Adams, Gift of Walter Keney, Society for the Promotion of Religion and Learning Scholarship, Louis M. Cheesman Trust Fund, Scholarship of St. Paul's Church, Kirby Scholarship, Contingent Gift of Junius S. Morgan, Toucey Scholarships, Isaac Toucey Trust, Goodwin Greek Prize, Daniel Goodwin Hospital Legacy, Daniel Goodwin Scholarships, Bequests of Charles H. Northam, Jarvis Hall of Science, Trinity Curch (NYC) Scholarship, Heartt Scholarship, Thomas Backus Scholarship, Gregor Endowment, Junior Fellow Premium, Scovill Professorship, William Allen Mather Scholarship, Bequest of the Rev. Daniel Burhans, Hobart Professorship, Rogers Scholarship, Seabury Professorship, Brownell Professorship, Brownell Professorship of Moral Philosophy, Chapel.

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Extracts from the Record: Various Financial Gifts, Funds, Scholarships, Trusts, etc.