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Trinity College

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Spring 2011


In April 2011 a racist incident occurred on campus that served as a trigger for protests and heated debate among the Trinity community. Many called for a "Zero Tolerance" policy, a response they felt was appropriate given what they perceived to be a trend of racism and homophobia on campus. Conversely, others argued that the incident was an isolated event, and not symptomatic of a larger intolerant campus climate.

This document contains a compilation of news articles (from The Hartford Courant, Trinity Tripod), blog entries (from 4legs, Real Hartford), opinion essays, and emails (from President Jones, Dean Alford) related to this event. There are also several photographs embedded within the articles. The compilation is not comprehensive, and should not be treated as a definitive record of the event, but as a collection, these materials are a snapshot of the debate that played out publicly on the Web.


While online access to this collection is limited to the Trinity College network (due to some copyright restrictions and the intended audience of selected emails), they are publicly accessible to visitors to the campus.