Date of Award

Spring 2021

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



First Advisor

Rebecca Beebe


Children with exposure to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) often develop effects from the trauma physiologically, socially, and developmentally, and if not appropriately addressed, these effects may continue into adulthood and result in a child experiencing or perpetrating IPV as an adult. This study developed an intervention-based program as a form of game therapy designed to be played with a group of children with CEDV and then tested the functionality and enjoyability of it on a collection of primarily college-aged individuals in multiple virtual game sessions. The study found the game to be quite enjoyable and functional, with participants having high levels of overall enjoyment and opinions of the game. Various suggestions to enhance the playability of the game were given, and ultimately more studies are required to test the efficacy of the intervention program on helping children exposed to IPV recover.


Senior thesis completed at Trinity College, Hartford CT for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology.