Date of Award

Spring 2020

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Philosophy; World Literature And Culture Studies

First Advisor

Erik Vogt

Second Advisor

Carol Any


Throughout this double thesis, the author investigates the philosophical significance of fashion. Through her pursuit, she works through the reformulations of the experience of the beautiful as constructed by French poet Charles Baudelaire, then expands her findings with insights from Walter Benjamin and Georg Simmel in their fashion theories. In working through these conceptualizations, as analyzed by fashion and philosophy scholar Philipp Ekardt, fashion's mechanics emerge as a model for time, history, and the human life. To more deeply understand these insights, and for a more insightful reading of Leo Tolstoy's famed novel, the author applies her analysis to the titular character in Anna Karenina. With such a philosophical foundation, a close reading of Anna's vestimentary choices reveals intricacies of her psychological unfolding throughout her turbulent plotline.


Senior Thesis completed at Trinity College, Hartford, CT for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy; World Literature And Culture Studies.