Date of Award

Spring 2018

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Educational Studies and English

First Advisor

Jack A. Dougherty


In 2015, Trinity College, located in Hartford, Connecticut, implemented a new way to measure applicants. This new system, which is still in place today, allows Admissions Officers to note whether applicants exhibit any of the 13 characteristics, known as the predictors of success, which Trinity claims to value as an institution. In addition to the new list of 13 predictors, Trinity’s Admissions staff continue to assign a numerical personal rating to each applicant. Using de-identified Admissions data for the population of enrolled students in Trinity’s classes of 2020 and 2021, my research investigates whether a relationship exists between the predictors of success and the numerical personal ratings assigned to each applicant. Through a statistical analysis of the Admissions data, I discovered that applicants who displayed more predictors of success tended to receive higher numerical personal ratings. However, I also found that only 3 of the 13 predictors of success were individually likely to be associated with the numerical personal ratings that applicants received. My findings can be used in order to analyze the reliability of Trinity’s new Admissions system.


Senior project completed at Trinity College, Hartford Connecticut for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies.

Streaming Media

Trinity College Admissions Presentation Slides.pdf (238 kB)
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