Date of Award

Spring 2017

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



First Advisor

Miguel Ramirez


Throughout the last half century, the world has seen its fair share of systemic banking crises covering every corner of the globe. Recently, the Eurozone crisis of 2010 and ongoing Argentinian debt crisis have continued to plague the global economy. The motivation behind this thesis is to examine what causes these sovereign debt crises. More specifically, it aims to examine whether these crises are caused by monetary and fiscal policy decisions implemented by central banks or if outside factors including the role of financial institutions are to blame. This thesis examines a number of individual case studies with regards to specific economic indicators and aims to see if there is any relationship between the nations being examined. Specifically, these case studies include the East Asia crisis of 1997, the Argentinian debt crisis of 2001, and the Eurozone crisis of 2010. It will examine individual nations in the years leading up to the crisis, the years in which the crisis took place, and the aftermath of the crisis.


Senior thesis completed at Trinity College, for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economics.