Date of Award

Spring 2015

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


LACS: Hispanic Studies

First Advisor

Anne Lambright

Second Advisor

Christopher van Ginhoven Rey


Barcelona, the “magnetic” city: oppression and re-invention by a tyrannical government

Why Barcelona? What are the factors responsible for the magnetic force of this place? In my opinion, we can distinguish three key factors. Firstly, the magnetism of Barcelona in the ‘30s is based on the violence against the freedom of artistic expression and education and the need for help. Secondly, it is the charm of the idealized Barcelona, conceived by the propaganda of the Franco government in the ‘60s. Finally, it is the aura of Barcelona, glorified by tourists, giving hope to the immigrants looking to find a better life. From a greatly-isolated city, tormented by the Civil War, Barcelona has been transformed into a paradise for the global tourist.


Senior thesis completed at Trinity College for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Studies.