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Date of Award

Spring 2013

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Theater and Dance

First Advisor

Mitchell Polin

Second Advisor

Katharine Power


This thesis develops a theory of literary adaptation in theater as a “composite” art form, that which fuses together various kinds of art into a new holistic one. The works of the French Symbolist poet Stéphane Mallarmé and the New York City performance group Elevator Repair Service (ERS) are the main focuses that help elucidate this theory on the process of literary adaptation, in addition to a chapter focusing on the performance component of the thesis, which entailed adapting F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “Basil and Cleopatra” to the stage. Each component work together to define a new composite art form that attempts to create a pure, holistic transcendence.


Senior thesis completed at Trinity College for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Dance. Full text access is limited to the campus community.