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Date of Award

Spring 2012

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


International Studies - Middle East

First Advisor

Raymond Baker


Looking back at the major peace negotiations of the past twenty years, since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, The Madrid Conference and Oslo Accords, the Camp David negotiations, the Roadmap to Peace, and the more recent attempts at negotiation have failed to produce any lasting peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. At the moment, the two sides are so polarized that they have locked in a stale mate. Many politicians and pundits have become as cynical as to preach that the only way out of the stale mate is through a full scale war. Similar to the Cold War, this cannot be the outcome. Another war has the potential to assure the mutual destruction of Israel and the Palestinians. In order to get both the Israelis and the Palestinians to the negotiating table, we must look to the failures of the past to plan for the future.


Senior thesis completed at Trinity College for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. Accessible to members of the Trinity community only.