Date of Award

Spring 2023

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science



First Advisor

Laura J. Holt


Electronic cigarette (EC) use is common among college students, with over 50% endorsing lifetime use. Recent research shows Mobile Health (mHealth) technology is a promising tool to help address EC use in young adults. Yet only 3% of cessation apps were designed to facilitate quitting ECs and the majority lack empirical support of their effectiveness. The Smiling Instead of Smoking (SiS) app is a positive psychology-based smartphone app for nondaily smokers. Due to previous success with brief, self-administered positive psychology exercises for cigarette cessation, this study examined the SiS App’s feasibility and effectiveness for EC cessation. Sixteen undergraduates used the SiS app for 3 weeks: one week before their quit date and 2 weeks after. As hypothesized, participants had significant declines in their craving and maintained pre-cessation levels of positive affect. There were no significant changes in dependency or self-efficacy. At the one-month follow-up survey, 38% of participants reported being abstinent. The app had an almost 4-star rating for its features (e.g., functionality, aesthetics, information, etc.) and participants reported moderate satisfaction with its use. Participants used the app, on average, 10 out of the 21 days of the prescribed app use. This study highlights the promise of mHealth support and positive psychology for EC cessation, adding to the understanding of possible ways to support EC quit attempts.


Student thesis completed at Trinity College, Hartford CT for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology.