Date of Award

Spring 2023

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


LACS: German Studies

First Advisor

Johannes Evelein


Hygiene and Horror- The Ethical Considerations of The National Socialists' Conquest for Health and the Parallels to Contemporary Considerations and Consequences;

A Scientific Humanist Perspective

Nicholas Zacharewski

It is a long-held misunderstanding that evil has exceptional origins. Time and history have proven that evil is banal. An environment of economic crisis, extreme patriotism, and social rejection have all played an essential role in creating some of the greatest atrocities known in human history. The National Socialist (Nazi) party, which controlled the German state from 1933-1945, epitomizes evil. Infamous for its crimes against humanity, however, relatively unknown otherwise, are the origins and etiology of Nazi influence. This essay will investigate, reveal, and discuss the scientific bases of the Nazi reign and continue with the research, experiments, and ultimate discoveries of the national socialists.

Furthermore, this essay will discuss the unethical use, adoption, and exploitation of these scientific factors from seemingly "ethical" or "just" powers to their benefit. The Nazi party was not alone in its radical conquest for scientific progress. It is in the author's interest to discuss not only the national socialist approach to scientific research and discovery but also groups who, on a surface level, appear more "fair" in their ways. This investigation will highlight consequences apparent nearly a century later and allow for meaningful discussions about the complications of scientific research and its implications in the history and future directions of the scientific community.


Senior Thesis completed at Trinity College, Hartford CT for the degree of Bachelor of Science in German Studies.