Refugee Needs

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The collaboration of The Liberal Arts Action Lab (LAAL) and SAWA is aimed to design and conduct a research project that investigates the experiences of refugee families in Greater Hartford and determine resources needed to achieve refugees’ goals for the future. SAWA is a community nonprofit organization that supports and serves refugees in the Greater Hartford area in a multitude of ways. Researchers in the Action Lab partnered with SAWA to better understand the barriers that Greater Hartford refugees face. The key motivation of the partnership was to identify the needs of the refugee community so that SAWA can accommodate and provide more support to them in Greater Hartford. SAWA helped the team recruit participants for four focus group interviews, and researchers at LAAL conducted in-depth focus group interviews to assess challenges for refugees. After conducting the interviews, the research team created a needs assessment memo and then produced a framework for a resource guide. The resource guide is based on the focus groups’ responses and will be accessible to refugee families and their communities through SAWA.


Community partner: SAWA; Shahd Oufi, Timothy Johnson '22, Malika Buscaino '23, Zeinab Bakayoko '23, Leslie Macedo '23, Will Scannell