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​Center for Urban and Global Studies

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The aim of this study is to estimate the recreational value of Baba Aman Natural Park near Bojnord in Northeast Iran. The recreational value of Baba Aman Park has been analyzed using a contingent valuation method. For this purpose, 201 on-site questionnaires were administered between June and September of 2006. Visitor’s willingness to pay (WTP) for Baba Aman recreational park has been estimated for future entrance fees associated with two scenarios including current conditions and proposed improvements of the recreational services in the park. Average WTP was estimated 1.5 and 2 times more than the current entrance fee, considering two scenarios. These amounts are insignificant when compared to the cost of improving the recreational services of the area. However, found that only 25% of visitors are willing to pay more money beyond the current entrance fee. Statistical analysis has revealed that the monthly income and level of education have significant effects on WTP amounts. Implications are discussed and conclusion drawn.


Published in the Open Access journal: Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences:

M. Reza Ghanbarpour, Shima Sajjadi, S.Tahereh Hajiseyedjavadi and Xiangming Chen, 2011. Investigation of Visitors’ Participation and Willingness to Pay for the Baba Aman Recreational Park, Iran. Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences, 3(6): 722-728.