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Promotores or community health workers are trusted community members who offer information and support to marginalized groups in society. Latinx immigrants in new growth communities or emerging communities (areas with a small yet growing Latinx population) confront many challenges in their settling processes. De la Mano con la Salud was a community-based participatory project that trained Latino immigrant men as promotores. Promotores recruited 182 Latino immigrant men helped them to attain their own goals, connected them with health and social services and connected them to the larger community. We present data from 23 in-depth interviews with project participants conducted after six months of enrollment. Qualitative analysis confirmed participants’ vulnerabilities and showed that promotores addressed many of the health, legal, and occupational needs of participants. Emerging themes showed that 1) participants had a thirst for a united Latinx community; and 2) felt that promotores had their back (respaldo). The need for community may reflect the current invisibility of this Latinx population, as well as the desires for recognition and ethnic identity affirmation. Respaldo strongly resembles perceived social support, which is the kind of support most associated with health outcomes. Future research can determine what intervention components best foster respaldo.


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Journal of Migration and Health