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The hierarchical product of two graphs represents a natural way to build a larger graph out of two smaller graphs with less regular and therefore more heterogeneous structure than the Cartesian product. Here we study the eigenvalue spectrum of the adjacency matrix of the hierarchical product of two graphs. Introducing a coupling parameter describing the relative contribution of each of the two smaller graphs, we perform an asymptotic analysis for the full spectrum of eigenvalues of the adjacency matrix of the hierarchical product. Specifically, we derive the exact limit points for each eigenvalue in the limits of small and large coupling, as well as the leading-order relaxation to these values in terms of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the two smaller graphs. Given its central roll in the structural and dynamical properties of networks, we study in detail the Perron-Frobenius, or largest, eigenvalue. Finally, as an example application we use our theory to predict the epidemic threshold of the susceptible-infected-susceptible model on a hierarchical product of two graphs.


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Per Sebastian Skardal and Kirsti Wash. “Spectral Properties of the Hierarchical Product of Graphs.” Physical Review E 94 (2016): 052311.

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