Notes from Queer(ing) New York: Refusing Binaries in Online Pedagogy

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American Studies

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In this paper I reflect on the construction and instruction of the outcomes of the Queer(ing) New York course (QNY). The case study of QNY demonstrates the pedagogical work of refusing norms and hierarchies that pedagogical models, particularly online courses, are assumed to maintain. QNY created an open course that queered the binaries of the public/graduate seminar and local/virtual. I draw from queer, feminist, and critical geographic approaches at the moment of the massive, open, online course (MOOC) fervor in order to queer models of online and open education. I also reflect on the impact of the course through inclass notes and data visualizations produced from social media and course analytics. I suggest that queering open education is a pedagogical method that affords scholars ways to examine and refute binaries and, in turn, promote the democratization of knowledge.


Final published version available:

2014. Gieseking, J. Notes from Queer(ing) New York: Refusing Binaries in Online Pedagogy. Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy, 1(5).