Louis Schiavone


Aleesha Young

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Louis Schiavone recalls being active within the Bloomfield community in the 1960’s. As a white man, he was part of the Bloomfield Human Relations Commission from the year 1971-73, and also was the principal of Bloomfield High School from 1973-88. He reflects on the positive qualities of the Bloomfield Public Schools and describes the experience of his one son, who attended K-12. As principal, Schiavone organized meetings with white and black students to discuss race relations, and he describes some of their dialogue in detail. He briefly mentions volunteering as a tester for housing discrimination.


Submitted as part of the OnTheLine web-book by Jack Dougherty and colleagues ( Download the transcript via the button to the upper right; other files appear at the bottom of this page.


Bloomfield, CT 2005



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