Adelle Wright


Meredith Murphy and Aleesha Young

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Adelle Wright reflects on housing and demographic changes in the Bloomfield area before and after the second World War. She was born in Bloomfield, then resided in Newington for nine years, then returned to live in Bloomfield around 1960. As a white woman, she became active against housing discrimination as a member and chairperson of the Bloomfield Human Rights Commission during the 1970s, on issues such as racial steering, blockbusting, testing realtors, the ordinance against real estate signs, and cooperation with the National Neighbors organization. She mentions how her children attended Bloomfield public schools during a period of racial transition and never had an issue. This oral history interview was conducted in front of the Cities, Suburbs, and Schools seminar from Trinity College.


Submitted as part of the OnTheLine web-book by Jack Dougherty and colleagues ( Download transcript via the button to the upper right; other files appear at the bottom of this page.


Bloomfield, CT 2005



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