Edward Stockton


Aleesha Young

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Edward Stockton reflects on his time as a resident of Bloomfield, including his employment by United Technologies, and rise in the local Democratic party and election as mayor in 1969, 1971, and 1973. As a white man, he was interested in living in a town that had diversity in both the religious and racial aspect. Stockton recalls his children’s experiences attending Bloomfield public schools and believes that diversity within the schools they attended prepared them for the diversity they would experience out in the “real world.” Stockton recalls the voluntary busing situation and felt it would solve racial imbalance of schools, but was unsuccessful because it could not get enough people to make a difference.


Submitted as part of the OnTheLine web-book by Jack Dougherty and colleagues ( Download the transcript via the button to the upper right; other files appear at the bottom of this page.


Bloomfield, CT 2005



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