Kash Jain

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Publication Date

Fall 2022


Understanding what government policies reduce evictions is critical to reducing socioeconomic inequality and ensuring that people can stay in their homes. In Hartford, a city with an unusually high eviction rate, finding policy solutions is crucial. This research compared eviction and housing-focused government policies (at the state and local level) in Hartford with Worcester, MA, a similar city with a much lower eviction rate. Although eviction reform must primarily be targeted at the state level, cities can take some actions. Specifically, Hartford should reform its zoning regulations and expand venues for community input, while the state of Connecticut should expand its housing stock and rental assistance. The generalizability of this research is limited, as state and local policies vary drastically across the United States; however, this is useful in informing what can be done to reduce evictions in Hartford, and what policies organizations like CLJ can advocate for.