Adyanna Odom

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Publication Date

Fall 2022


Perceptions of graffiti have changed in Hartford and the world within the last 50 years with the arrival of the Hip-Hop scene. Currently, there is little publicly available information on the development of the graffiti scene within Hartford, and that is what motivated me to add to the Hartford History Center’s Hip-Hop collection about graffiti. The current Hartford History Center Hip-Hop collection focuses on the peace train competitions from 1983-1984. The Hip-Hop collection largely exists online and can be accessed by going online to the CT Digital Archive and under collections selecting the Hartford Public. Through qualitative interviews with Dooney Bates, an archival scan of the existing Hartford Hip-Hop archive, and an archival scan of the Southside Media Newspaper from 1970-1987, this project explores two research questions 1) What is the insider vs. outsider perception of graffiti in Hartford in the 1970s/80s? and 2) Is there another narrative apart from the Peace Train dominant narrative of Hip-Hop in Hartford from the 1970s/80s?