Isabelle Sayas

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Publication Date

Fall 2022


The health of children is contingent upon the health of their caretakers, as well the adults’ ability to access preventative care and treatment for the entire family. This is a core belief of the HUSKY 4 Immigrants Coalition, which has spent the past three years fighting to expand healthcare access to Connecticut’s entire immigrant population, including those who are undocumented. Undocumented status often presents an immediate barrier to access, or a reason to not obtain treatment. This project explores the perceptions of health and healing among female Latine caretakers in mixed-citizenship households as they navigate the American healthcare system. There is an enormous gap in literature regarding the mental, emotional, and physical effects female caretakers internalize in attempting to ensure the health of their loved ones. Through an analysis of testimonials in support of HUSKY for all and unstructured interviews, I learned that the most salient themes in these women’s experiences are: fear of economic implications of sickness, seeing medical providers as a last resort, and identifications of survivor’s guilt among family members who do have health care coverage.