Emma Shorten

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Publication Date

Fall 2022


Reading to children in their early developmental stages is absolutely crucial to learning how to identify words, finding new interests, exploring imagination, forging strong relationships, and far more. It is important for children all across the country/world to have access to books, but many households have limited or no books due to factors such as accessibility and/or financial constraints. Dolly Parton’s program, Imagination Library, is committed to creating a simple, free-of-charge way to mail books to millions of children across the world. Partnering with United Way, I was able to collect qualitative – and also quantitative – data about how enrolled families perceive the program by conducting five interviews with participating families all around Hartford. By asking a series of questions, I was able to find that all caregivers are especially favorable toward this program after seeing it directly impact their children’s development as learners and shape their character in extraordinary ways.