Lenny Bautista

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There are 1.7 million children in the United States who are growing up with parents in prison. This community of children and their challenges go unnoticed by many, and are ignored or stigmatized by others. The children are usually the victims of their parents’ actions and grow up with the pain of not having a parent at a parent conference meeting; not knowing what to do with a paper that a parent has to sign; and not receiving support and guidance from their parent. The goal of my research is twofold: to uncover challenges, obstacles and difficulties that seem common to this group of children; and to determine how this information can help us work better with them, especially at a young age, and encourage them to become self advocates. I employed a qualitative approach in my research. Data was gathered through interviews, observations, notes taken at group sessions, and journal writing by the teenagers themselves.


Community Partners: Youth With Incarcerated Parents, Judy Dworin Performance Project, Diamond Research Consulting