Sean Navin

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The act of repeat offending or recidivism has become a prevalent issue nationwide. Areas with high recidivism rates are correlated with disparities in education, minority imprisonment, and socioeconomic status. Hartford currently has a high recidivism rate of 60%. I conducted interviews with ex-offenders in Hartford, and did a comparative analysis of cities nationally. States vary in their calculations of recidivism, making comparative analysis challenging. I worked with Community Partners in Action (CPA) in Hartford which assists ex-offenders assimilating into society. End of Sentence (EOS) folks are not included in CPA’s program. Project STARR’s approach of addressing multiple diverse needs of clients, showed a recidivism rate of just 9.7%. By addressing the diverse needs of EOS people, it could reduce recidivism rates in Hartford. Recidivism could be reduced nationally if proven effective programs are duplicated throughout the country.


Community Partner: Community Partners in Action