Chloe Shiras

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New immigrants face many cultural, economic, and language barriers upon arriving in the United States. Due to these barriers, they rely heavily on the services provided to them by governmental agencies and community based organizations. However, many of these services are not advertised to the immigrant population and are difficult to navigate. Further, for undocumented immigrants, many services are simply not available for them. This research project will develop a comprehensive list of services available to immigrants in Connecticut, with a focus on services for undocumented immigrants, based off of the most common questions that immigrants have asked at The American Place at the Hartford Public Library. This form will be produced through research and conversations with service providers in Connecticut, the public school system, and branches of local government. While researching services at several government agencies and other service providers, it has become clear that some officials and administrators are unaware of the protocols and services for the undocumented population. However, the services available, especially involving public schools and community based organizations, have been identified and recorded and will serve to help Hartford’s immigrant population. The production of this Frequently Asked Questions sheet will serve as a lesson for the public as it will make visible the lack of resources for the undocumented immigrant community and show the need for comprehensive immigration reform in order for all people to receive basic human services.


Community partner: The American Place, Hartford Public Library