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The Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association (AHNA), our community partner, would like to strengthen communication and interaction among the many culturally distinct groups in the Asylum Hill neighborhood. They believe there is a common desire for a safe communal space where immigrants and ethnic groups of all backgrounds could come together. A neighborhood multicultural center could provide such a place in the Asylum Hill neighborhood, where socialization and learning among groups can occur. This center would strengthen the neighborhood at large, and potentially the City of Hartford. Unfortunately, there is little evidence of existing centers in the U.S. similar to AHNA’s vision. Our research, of community and cultural centers with similar attributes and of case studies, revealed characteristics we believe necessary for the success of AHNA’s multicultural center. In addition, our research on organizational structure and recent immigrant tendencies, led us to conclude that AHNA could benefit greatly by constructing a comprehensive needs assessment survey, by evaluating their organizational structure, and deciding on a thematic focus.


Community Partner: Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association