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Problem: Although research has shown a strong link between metacognition and academic performance, most school curricula do not include explicit metacognitive instruction. What is metacognition? Comprehension of and control over one’s own cognitive processes. Our project aimed to improve learning and academic performance in middle school-aged students by implementing a metacognitive intervention in the history curriculum. • Compared developmental differences between 6th and 8th graders. • Executed intervention based on group work and interactive cognitive discussions to foster the students’ knowledge and use of metacognitive strategies. • Four 6th grade history sections taught by one teacher and four 8th grade history sections taught by another teacher participated in the study; this allowed us to control for teacher effects. • Two sections for each grade were randomly assigned to the experimental group (Learn 2 Learn) and the other two for each grade to the control group (Know How 2-HI School or College Knowledge). • Added engagement and anxiety measures to motivation to assess their roles in metacognition.


Community partner: Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy