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Problem: Current research suggests strong links among metacognition, motivation, and academic success. However, few longitudinal studies which investigate how metacognition and motivation develop over .me exist. Our research consists of two related studies regarding the development of metacognition and motivation in middle and high school students and is a follow-up intervention studies with 8th grade students, conducted in 2013-14 and 2014-15 at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy. What is metacognition? Comprehension of and control over one’s own cognitive processes. Project: Studied current 9th and 10th grade students who in 8th grade, either participated in Learn 2 Learn (experimental metacognitive training condition) College Knowledge (control condition) or neither (students did not participate in study or did not attend HMTCA 8th grade). STUDY 1: Compared 9th and 10th grade students’ metacognition and motivation. STUDY 2: Tracked individual students’ metacognitive skill and motivational development from 8th grade to either 9th or 10th grade.


Community partner: Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy