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There is very little literature that deals with how well refugees in the United States compare to other groups in the region of their residence. There are certain secondary sources that talk of a “refugee gap”. In this project, I tried to understand the extent of this gap in the Hartford metropolitan region in Connecticut. This will form a preliminary part of the solution to the problem of understanding how refugees can do better in economic terms in the region. I conducted surveys of those who are in the Hartford metropolitan region as refugees or asylum seekers, and collected anonymized information on their income levels, economic sector of work, educational qualifications, and issues they have faced with recredentialisation. The results show that there is indeed a significant disparity in incomes between refugees and non-refugees in the Hartford metropolitan region, and many refugees face significant challenges in using their educational credentials from their home countries when they come to the United States, and have to go through a lengthy process of recredentialisation.


Community Partner: Hartford Commission on Refugee and Immigrant Affairs