Henry Chavez

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The Hartford Consortium for Higher Education’s (HCHE) mission is to create a hub of partnerships between member institutions and with local organizations and businesses in the downtown Hartford area. One of the biggest barriers to achieving this mission lies in not fully understanding the different relationships that each institution has with the City of Hartford. Due to different institutional models, location, student bodies and resources, it's critically important to understand what exact outcome each institution wishes to achieve through its HCHE membership and with its relationship to the city. By more fully understanding these differences, the HCHE can create a more comprehensive plan to bring together colleges in the Greater Hartford area to do meaningful, collaborative work, strengthening the profile of the entire city. This research explores three topics that the consortia needed more clarification on from its members, including: perspectives on the HCHE, communication between faculty and students across campus, and transportation. Data collected through interviews with consortia representations for each member institution reveals that there is a wide scope of different opinions on all three of these topics. Among all members, there is a common underlying theme of not being able to articulate how they can and want to use HCHE as a resource. Additionally, members appreciate connecting faculty and students across campuses, but disagree on what demographic the consortia directly serves and have different opinions on the role of transportation in the city.


Community Partner: The Hartford Consortium for Higher Education