Jitty Synn

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The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (CT DCP) provides resources to the general public on consumer education, complaint issues on medications, and investigation processes with the help of a legal counsel. The main focus of this department is to make these resources accessible for all communities. One of the annual events held by DCP is the Cross-Cultural Communications Symposium. This one-day, statewide event in July focuses on topics such as outreach and ethnic media. DCP wishes to enhance attendance and involvement from underserved communities so that the CT Department of Consumer Protection can reach each community and respond to their distinct needs. I analyzed survey data from this past year’s symposium, which consisted of responses to open- and close-ended questions. Participants expressed satisfaction with the symposium, but several opportunities for enhanced outreach and tailored workshops remain. Drawing from the literature and my review of the survey data, I provide the CT Department of Consumer Protection with key suggestions for enhancing outreach and workshop content for future symposia.


Community Partner: CT Department of Consumer Protection