Stefania Ruibal

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I conducted a project with the The Jubilee House, an immigrant and refugee program center, to determine how the Jubilee House fosters culture and language acquisition and how social networks and connections impact this acquisition. I observed their English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and conducted interviews with the students, teachers, and tutors within this program. I found that the most prominent cultural aspects were found in the community created at The Jubilee House through one on one tutoring. Although they are not explicitly teaching culture or how to become more acclimated to living in America, tutors, teachers, and staff create a safe space where students are able to come when they need help with everyday basic needs. The Jubilee House, by creating a community of multiple cultures, encourages students to step out of their established communities and provides them the ability to connect with a new social network and support system.


Community partner: The Jubilee House