Aidan Arnold

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New Britain Avenue (NBA) is the most concentrated area of commerce in the Southwest and Behind the Rocks neighborhoods of Hartford, CT, consisting mostly of small businesses. To better support both these businesses and the community, the Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) of Southwest/Behind the Rocks (SW/BTR) has founded an NBA business group with a mission to “strengthen relations and communication between businesses on NBA, the community, and the City of Hartford.” I am aiding in this project by creating specific steps for the NRZ to follow to establish a long-term business group comprised of cooperative businesses with vested interest in the community. To do so, I have consulted the literature on best practices for interacting with, and providing resources for businesses, and interviewed a well-established administrator of a Hartford business association. Additionally, I have worked with the NRZ to produce their first quarterly newsletter and created a model for future newsletters, which will facilitate dissemination of information to small businesses in these neighborhoods.


Community Partner: Behind the Rocks and Southwest NRZs