Reproductive Health and Health Equity: Advocating for Doula Care

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Health Equity Solutions' vision is for every Connecticut resident to attain optimal health regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. Their mission is to promote policies, programs, and practices that result in equitable health care access, delivery, and outcomes for all people in Connecticut. Community Action Gatway Students focused on reproductive health disparities and helped the organization to advocate for S.B. 1078 Doula Certification and Medicaid Reimbursement for Doula Services. Students wrote a white paper about the bill and also produced a one pager to be used when lobbying legislators. They also created a trifold Health Equity brochure for the organization to use when conducting workshops to engage community members.


Karolina Barrientos, Olivia Louthen, Coleman McJessy, India Rhodes; Community partner: Health Equity Solutions

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