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"A Review of the Year."

The Formal Opening of the Hall of Natural History, December 7th, 1900 Preachers at the Chapel, 1900-1901 Lecturers before the College, 1900-1901 . Illustration : The Lecture Room of Prof. John J. McCook Conference on Physiography and Geology held in the Hall of Natural History, December 8th Illustration: The New Reading Room of the Library Progress in the Library Illustration : The Vertebrate Museum in the Hall of Natural History Progress in the Museum Instruction and the Development of Departments Scientific and Literary Work · The Puritan and his Literature, a Lecture by Professor Johnson before the Connecticut Historical Society, December 4th A Study from the Laboratories by Woolsey McAlpine Johnson, B. A. 1898, Graduate Student, (From the Electrical World and Engineer, April 20, 1901) Mr. Johnson on Electro-Chemistry in Trinity College and in General. (From the Electrical World and Engineer of May 18th) Yale and Trinity Student Activities Athletics The New D. K. E. Chapter House The Tablet The Missionary Society • Associations of the Alumni Illustration: Portrait of Gurdon Wadsworth Russell, M.D., of the Class of 1834, the oldest Surviving Alumnus . Reminiscences of Nathaniel Oliver Cornwall, M.D., of the Class of 1839, (the next to Dr. Russell on the Roll of Surviving Alumni), at the Age of 85 News of Benefactors, Alumni and Honorarii Necrology

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Trinity College Bulletin, June 1901