The collection below includes a selection of previously published papers by Trinity College faculty. Many of the papers were originally published in Open Access journals, or in journals whose publishers permit deposit in an institutional repository such as this one.

A growing selection of post-prints is also provided, designated with [post-print] at the end of the article title. These are post-refereed drafts of articles very similar to the published versions. In these cases, please see the comments field within the article's record to access the published version, if necessary.

Papers shown below may also be grouped under other headings within this Repository such as programs, departments, or disciplines (to be determined).

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Submissions from 1992


Jacques Basnage and the History of the Jews: Polemic and Allegory in the Republic of Letters, Jonathan Elukin

Submissions from 1989


The Struggle between the Abbey of St. Lucien and the Men of Grandvilliers, Jonathan Elukin